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[ACCEPTAT] Cerere admin ardeopacumatra

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* Nick: ardeopacumatra
* Y!M / Discord#ID: ardeopacumatra#3764
Steam on/off: off
* Vârstă: 17
* Experiență admin: Am fost admin pe samp
Ești dispus să donezi?: Momentan nu am fondurile necesare
* Admin de zi/noapte: ambele 
* Ore jucate pe server: https://www.gametracker.com/player/ardeopacumatra/
* Cuvântul cheie din regulament: iarna 
* Link cu testul WCD: https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=2195649

Rândurile de completare cu * în față sunt obligatorii.

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Ita the same as Georgica, but i saw them playing and they dont have that.. or they dont use it.

On our server ita forbidden to use any CFG,but they dont really use it.

If they will let me use TeamViewr i can delete that file




Following on from yesterday, this morning we deleted this file from the computer and made a new Wg and now it is cleaner than ever

Gabi wg:



Additionally Georgica is clean too:



So you still Have my  PRO

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  • MaGiE changed the title to Cerere admin ardeopacumatra
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------------------------- Acesta este un mesaj automat -------------------------------------------

Cererea ta a fost acceptata!

In cazul in care ai facut cerere pentru admin sau slot trimite-mi datele printr-un PM pe care vrei accesul.

------------------------- Acesta este un mesaj automat -------------------------------------------

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