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  1. Ita the same as Georgica, but i saw them playing and they dont have that.. or they dont use it. On our server ita forbidden to use any CFG,but they dont really use it. If they will let me use TeamViewr i can delete that file ============================================== Following on from yesterday, this morning we deleted this file from the computer and made a new Wg and now it is cleaner than ever Gabi wg: https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=2196034 Additionally Georgica is clean too: https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=2
  2. Welcome!! If you Have discord come to our discord server https://discord.gg/umPvkZ6
  3. Gekko You got unbaned.
  4. Elroi,my friend i waiting that "5min" because (me i can wait 10 min or something) but he say but he told me a lot of swear words that shouldn't be said to touch where it hurts and that's why I did not wait long after him but only 5 minutes, I could not bear and simply is not under the laws of the server to insult the staff as far as I know
  5. Befor he asked Wargods cheat he take 5 screen shoots from you. 1) Why didnt you gave them? 2) why did you send us a photo from another server that not even relaited to our server... 3) you dont give us any proof for that. You could make a SS from consol befor the ban and let us see if he bans you 10 seconds after he told you "Give me wg" My opinion Ban remains. T/c
  6. I think that this topic can get T/c for the moment. Its been only few days sience the remove ... @the undertakerneeds more time to think about his mistakes. If i may.. "Get older, grow up, be more responsibil, good behavior, respect others and Dont Be Agoist" I dont say that you never cant have admin, i say you need more time.
  7. only you. Well if you dont find it i trust you i give you Welcome!!
  8. this is the name of the file deathrun.cfg (MD5: 2D1D6116482CFD65AC5B310ACB9216C3) (Size: 4052) (Alias count: 96) (Lines: 20) (Binary: False) -> BunnyHop CFG (deathrun.cfg) delete this file from cstrike folder
  9. Hi georgika On our Server Bhop CFG is forbidden. if you read the rules you should know that. " Este interzisa folosirea CFG-urilor. " please Delete the Bhopo cfg and give us new Wg. and then you will have Pro from me
  10. Nick:ELROI LIVE IN ISRAEL Grad: Owner Data/Ora: 7/3 2021
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